When is the Best Time to Visit Vietnam?

Oct 09th, 2022

The weather in Vietnam is one of the most varied in the world, with three separate climate regions from north to south. Generally speaking, the best time to visit Vietnam is spring (March to April). However, with three types of climates come three different times to best visit the regions. And even within those regions, there are better times for some places than others, so the trick is finding out where to go and at what time of year.

Best Time to Visit North Vietnam

Weather in North Vietnam has distinct summer and winter, and the cool dry winter lasts from November to April, with temperatures ranging from 17°C-22°C, with the colder months coming from January to March. Summer runs from May to October, and is hot and humid, with the highest rainfall, much like a monsoon season, with July to September being the wettest months. Autumn and spring, from March to May and October to November, are the most comfortable months in the north.

Best Time to Visit Hanoi

The best time to visit Hanoi is from September to April. While spring and autumn are often cited as being the best time to visit northern Vietnam, the relatively comfortable temperatures of the northern winters mean travelers can take a trip there throughout almost the whole year, without worrying about getting wet.

Best Time to Visit Halong Bay

October to December is the best time to visit Halong Bay and cruise around its unique karst islands since it is only a short distance from Hanoi. This period of the year has pleasant temperatures and very low rainfall, and in November and December, the brighter sunny days make it ideal for island hopping and stunning cruises.

October is one of the best months for good weather in Halong Bay.

Best Time to Visit Sapa

Located far to the north of Hanoi, the best time to visit Sapa is from September to mid-December and March to May. At this time, the weather is just right, and the rainy weather has long since passed. The milder climate makes it perfect for trekking in Sapa, with average temperatures ranging from 15°C-25°C.

Best Time to Visit Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam has a different rainy season, with occasional heavy storms, that runs from September to February. While the Truong Son Mountains protect the central region from the southwest monsoon, the tropical storms from the South China Sea hit the central coast hard. March to August is dry, but progressively hotter, with temperatures rising from July to August to the high 30s.

Best Time to Visit Hoi An

One of the country’s picture-perfect towns, Hoi An is best visited in March and April, when the fields are green and the streets are awash with blossoming flowers. May and June are already getting hotter, but still comfortable enough to wander in the mornings and evenings, and in July and August, it is a good idea to head to the stunning beaches to cool off.

Best Time to Visit Hue

Hue was once the home of Vietnam’s last reigning Emperor but should be avoided during the rainy season. January and February can see a bit of mist around the town, which makes it seem eerie when getting up early, but by March the rains have all gone and the brighter weather returns. From March to August comes the best time to take a trip to Hue, the former imperial capital of Vietnam, because this period is the driest part of the year.

Hue is the former imperial capital of Vietnam.

Best Time of Year to Visit Da Nang Vietnam

The best time to visit Da Nang is from February to May, when the rainfall is gone and the skies are sunny with less humidity. Temperatures can vary from 20°C-32°C, but because of the drier rainless skies, this is the best time to hit Da Nang’s amazing beaches.

Best Time to Visit South Vietnam

With temperatures remaining pretty constant throughout the year, the weather of South Vietnam is split into two simple seasons; wet and dry. The dry season runs from November to late April while the wet season runs from May until late October, with June to August being the wettest months.

Best Time to Visit Ho Chi Minh City

With temperatures ranging from 20°C-32°C, the best time to visit the stunning modern city of Ho Chi Minh is from December to March. These cooler temperatures, which can turn chilly at night, and relatively dry weather, makes for the best time to visit the city and its surroundings.

Best Time to Visit Mekong Delta

One of the wonders of Vietnam, the best time to visit the Mekong Delta is from November to May. This marks the dry season in the region when humidity is at its lowest, and temperatures range from 25°C-29°C. It is also the best time for seeing the landscapes, as the region's stunning flora is in full bloom.

Visit Mekong Delta along the river to explore the stunning scenery.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam for Festivals and Events

Being a Buddhist country, the Vietnamese year follows the festivals and religious observances, and most of the country’s festivals take place in spring, with a few in autumn to cap it off.

Tet Nguyen Dan, or simply “Tet” is the Vietnamese New Year, and one of the most important and well-celebrated festivals of the year. The festival falls around the end of January to the beginning of February and lasts for seven days.

Water Puppetry opens a window into local culture.

The Water-Puppet Festival is a part of Tet and is a puppetry festival that is held at the Thay Pagoda outside Hanoi.

And just two weeks after Tet ends, the Lim Singing Festival begins, in the small Lim village near Bac Ninh in the Red River Delta. Men and women throw their improvised song lyrics back and forth for two days in one of the loudest of festivals.


Overall, there is NO wrong time to visit Vietnam, because there is something open and worth visiting at any time of the year, And with different regions having different weather systems, you can choose where you want to go depending on the weather in the country at the time. If you need more information on when best to visit Vietnam, get in touch.

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