Famous for Angkor Wat, aCambodia is always a popular destination with a history both inspiring and depressing.

A Cambodia tour is more than just a trip to the ancient Angkor Wat of the Khmer Emperor in Siem Reap, but also excursions to the floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake, city sightseeing in Phnom Penh, the beach holiday on the islands of Sihanoukville, and so on.

With a local office in Cambodia, we truly know the destination better than any others do. You just tell us what you want to experience in Cambodia and we’ll do the rest to bring you a customized private tour experience. Without third-party contractors, we can bring you the best local price. The 100% guaranteed deposit refund and our flexible rebooking policy will make your Cambodia trip with us truly worry-free.

Most Recommended Cambodia Tours

From the Siem Reap tour focusing on Angkor Wat to weeks of tours covering all the highlights of Cambodia, you can find your preferred Cambodia itinerary here.
4 Days Cambodia Siem Reap Essence Tour
Siem Reap (Angkor Wat, Banteay Srei, Tonle Sap Lake)
The classic 4-day Angkor Wat tour in Siem Reap will take you to go deep into the heart of Cambodia.
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5 Days Impress of Cambodia Tour
Siem Reap - Phnom Penh
From Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, this is the best trip to get an impression of Cambodia.
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7 Days Cambodia Classic Tour
Phom Penh - Komgpong - Kratie - Siem Reap
Spending one week to explore the most popular destinations of Cambodia, you will indulged in the charm of the ancient Khmer Empire in Angkor Wat, and experience the local life in the busy capital of Cambodia.
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8 Days Cambodia Highlights Tour with Beach Relaxing
Siem Reap - Sihanoukville - Phnom Penh
Starting from Siem Reap and ending in Phnom Penh, this 8-day Cambodia tour will take you to explore the incredible UNESCO-listed wonders in Siem Reap and learn more about the dark history of the Khmer Rouge in Phnom Penh.
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10 Days Best of Cambodia Tour
Phnom Penh - Kampot - Koh Rong - Siem Reap
Starting from Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, you will explore the best of Cambodia in 10 days.
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15 Days Cambodia Discover Tour
Phnom Penh - Battambang - Siem Reap - Kratie - Kampong Cham -Kampot - Koh Rong - Phnom Penh
The in-depth 15-day Cambodia tour takes around two weeks to bring you to travel around the county and explore all the essentials of the Khmer empire.
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Best Time to Visit Cambodia

The best time of year to visit Cambodia is from October to April, which is also the dry season in Cambodia. During these months, the temperature is warm with low rainfall. You can enjoy outdoor sightseeing and activities in pleasant weather.
The wet season in Cambodia is from May to late September, during which the weather is humid and hot. The rainfall and high temperature may cause high humidity and the road may be dusty after the rain.
The highest temperature could reach up to 34°C in May and June, while the coldest months of the year are from October to December with the average temperatures around 24°C to 26°C.
In general, it is recommended to visit Cambodia in winter and spring.

Cambodia at a glance
Capital City
Phnom Penh
Khmer language
Time Zone
Cambodia Riel
Retracing the glory of the Khmer dynasty in Siem Reap, confronting the tragic Khmer Rouge in Phnom Penh, experiencing the life of simple villagers around Tonle Sap Lake, watching Irrawaddy dolphins in Mekong River, enjoying the sun and beaches in Sihanoukville...
This is Cambodia tours, the travel experience you want and more than you expect.

Cambodia Travel FAQs

1. Can I visit Cambodia now?

Yes, you are welcome again in Cambodia since the trip to Cambodia reopened to overseas tourists on Sept. 15th, 2021.

If you have received at least two doses of the vaccine, you don’t need to be quarantined and are free to travel to Cambodia now.

For updated and more detailed information on entry to Cambodia, please feel free to contact us.

2. Is it safe to travel to Cambodia?

Cambodia is a relatively safe travel destination in Southeast Asia, especially when you travel to cities like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh where tourism is well-developed.

However, there are still some commission scams targeting tourists in Cambodia.

If you are traveling on your own, it is advisable to book your hotel and arrange transfers in advance via the internet.

If you are traveling to Cambodia with your family, especially with kids, it is advisable to arrange your trip to Cambodia through a regular travel agency.

3. Except for Angkor Wat, are there any other things to see in Cambodia?

Though Cambodia is famous for Angkor Wat, it offers more to experience. Besides exploring the ruins of the ancient Khem Emperor, do you ever imagine getting to the sunshine beach in Cambodia?

The southwest of Cambodia is by the sea, and as the largest port in the country, Sihanoukville has some of the best beaches and islands in Cambodia, such as the famous Koh Song island. So in addition to exploring the former glory of the Khmer Dynasty at Angkor wat, you can also enjoy the coastal scenery in Cambodia.

Moreover, Cambodia is a paradise for some wildlife. Kratie is one of the best places to spot freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins.

The jungles of Mondulkiri are the place for the elephant valley project for observing elephants.

If you just stay in Siem Reap, you can also choose to travel by bike, which is a good activity for both adults and kids.

4. What are the dos and don’ts in Cambodia?

Here are some dos and don’ts that you would be aware of while visiting Cambodia.

Do take off your shoes when entering a place, especially at temples, hostels, or some restaurants. It is highly recommended to wear flip-flops or open sandals during your sightseeing tour in the city.

Do ask for permission when you want to take photos of the locals.

Don’t touch the head of other people, even children’s heads, because it is the most sacred part of the body in Cambodian culture.

Don’t make loud noises in public places, especially in sacred places like pagodas and temples.

Don’t drink tap water in Cambodia as it is unhygienic. it is convenient to buy bottles of water and soft drinks in local markets.

In general, it is basic to remain polite when visiting such a Buddhist country. Consult your local guide as to whether or not you can do certain things during your Cambodia tour.

5. What is the currency used in Cambodia? Can I use US dollars in Cambodia?

The official currency used in Cambodia is the Cambodian Riel.

But for most overseas tourists, the US dollar is also common in main tourist cities like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and Sihanoukville. The prices of hotels, shops, and restaurants are usually marked in US dollars.

Therefore, if you travel to Cambodia, you can bring US dollars with you and exchange them locally if you need to, or use the US dollars directly.

6. Is English spoken in Cambodia?

English is not wildly used in Cambodia.

Apart from tourism employees and educated youths, only a few people will speak English in Cambodia.

The official language in Cambodia is Khmer, which is spoken by nearly 90% of the population. So if you want to avoid language barriers, it is better to travel with a local guide.

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